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42" Stacker
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Stackable Traffic Channelizer Cones

Stacker Cone Orange


Wwatchtower Stacker Cone

42" Stacker Traffic Cone



We offer three types of traffic channelizer cones. Our Stacker Cone, at 42, is one of the tallest cones in the industry. Our Navicade cone has a large handle that's easy to grab and place to attach a flashing light. And our NEWEST channelizer the Watchtower. 

Channelizer cones are used across the country in place of traffic barrels or where there is simply not enough space for larger more cumbersome devises such as barrels or barricades.

All three of our channelizer cones are made in the USA by Plasticade.  They all use weighted bases and are perfect for longer term applications.

Click on each channelizer to see their unique properties and pricing.

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