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Plasticade A-Frame
FiberCade Type l
Legends Type l & ll
FiberCade Type ll
Combocade Type l
Combocade Type ll
Econocade Type l
Econocade Type ll
Econo AFrame
Plasticade Type l
Plasticade Type ll
Plasticade Type lll
Plasticade Type III Telespar Traffic Barricades
Plasticade Type III Angle Iron Feet
Plasticade Type lll Sentinel Traffic Barricades
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Road Plate System
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SC Supply offers Type l and Type ll Traffic Barricades featuring Plasticade's Econocade, Fibercade, Combocade and the Plasticade. These traffic control barricades are made of all plastic, are maintenance free and never rust! All Plasticade traffic safety products meet or exceed Federal Highway Administration standards. We also carry Type lll Plasticade Barricades featuring the Break Away, Telespar and the Telespar with Angle Iron Feet.

A type 1 barricade is a traffic control device that has one horizontal bar at the top that can be fitted with reflective sheeting or a legend, a type 2 barricade has two bars for sheeting or legends and a type 3 barricade has 3 bars that have sheeting and range in size from 3 ft up to 12 ft. in length. Type 1 & 2 barricades may be used alone or in groups to mark a specific condition, to control pedestrian traffic or they may be used in a series for channelizing vehicle traffic. Type 2 or Type 3 barricades should be used on freeways and expressways or other high-speed roadways. Type 3 Barricades should be used to close or partially close a road.

We also offer a variety of pedestrian barricades, barriers and safety devices.


Type I


(Available in White, Yellow and Orange)

Plasticade Type l  Plasticade's Combocade Fibercade by Plasticade Econocade Type l by Plasticade

Type II

Fibercade Type I and II Econocade Barricade
Plasticade type ll Fibercade type ll by Plasticade Combocade type II by Plasticade Econocade Type ll by Plasticade

Type III

\Sentinal Type III Barricade
Type III Telespar Feet & Uprights Type III with Angle Iron Feet & Telespar Uprights Break-Away Type lll by Plasticade Sentinel Type lll by Plasticade
A-Frame Barricades Collapsible Barricades N-Cades Sidewalk Stands
Plasticade A-frame  Econocade A-Frame Safetycade Narrowcades & Minicades Sign Stands

Traffic & Pedestrian Barricades / Barriers / Safety Devices


Strongwall Barricades

Avalon Crowd Control Barricade

Strongwall - ADA - Pedestrian


Trench Covers Road Plate System SafeKerb Ramp Manhole Guard
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