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SC Supply Company, LLC opened it's doors in 2001 and is a nationwide wholesale priced supplier of premium traffic safety products. We are a certified female owned business in the state of Indiana. Whether you are a new customer or old friend, we welcome your business and we thank you for our success! We are proud to be an industry leader and supplier for top quality Traffic Construction Signs, Traffic Barricades, Channelizers, Delineators, Traffic Cones and traffic related safety products. We carry the top manufactures brands such as Flexstake, JBC, Lakeside Plastics and Plasticade just to name a few. We are dedicated to bringing you the most durable and best quality products at a fair price.

SC Supply Company specializes in traffic safety supplies and carries the largest selection of traffic cones and traffic safety related products in the country. We ship from five warehouses across the US. We are proud to supply all branches of the military both at home and abroad with quality products to help protect service personnel and their interests. We ship factory direct to Distributors, Suppliers, Contractors, Utilities, Businesses, Government Agencies and Individuals nationwide and across the globe.

We have the traffic safety products to fill your needs and the service you'll come to expect and enjoy. If you have a need we have not addressed, please call us and we will do what we can to locate and provide you with the product you are looking for. We will guide you and look forward to working with you, while providing ALL your traffic safety needs now and in the future. You will come to understand why we are The Professionals Choice for Traffic Safety Products.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the finest quality and best selection of traffic and safety products with unparalleled service, all at a fair price.

Payment Methods & Policies

We accept all government agency purchase orders, all other purchase orders with approved credit, Federal Government Impact Cards, Visa, Master Card, and American Express.

Contact Information

SC Supply Company, LLC makes receiving quotes and ordering easy; just call, fax or e-mail  us.

800-640-1843   or   574-287-0252
Mailing Address (No Returns to this address, call for return information and address.  Use for payments, purchase orders, inquiries etc.)
SC Supply Company, LLC
          PO Box 11531
South Bend, IN  46634-0531 TRAFFIC CONES wholesale & retail, 5 USA warehouses!

     SC Supply Company carries premium quality wholesale priced traffic cones. Suzy's Traffic Cones are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Available sizes are from 2", 5", 12", 18",  28", 36". Traffic cones are generally used for road work projects, but are also ideal for emergency response, police, fire & rescue, utility contractors, schools, public safety, military, government agencies, animal training and special functions. 42" Traffic Channelizer Cones use heavy weighted bases and are perfect for long term highway projects. Our traffic cones can be fitted with a white or silver reflective sleeve also known as a collar. These reflective collars make the traffic cone highly visible in low light and during evening hours and are made using 3M high intensity sheeting. Reflective collars are available on all sizes except the 2" and 5" traffic cones. SC Supply traffic cones come with UV & color stabilizers that resist fading and provide uniform color. The 18" and 28" traffic cones are available in the following colors: fluorescent orange, lime green, blue, white and yellow. All other sizes are available in fluorescent orange. Stenciling is available on all traffic safety cones 12" and taller. Our traffic safety cones are engineered to meet MUTCD specifications and meets NCHRP-350. SC Supply Company also offers a line of traffic and colored cones that are made in the USA.

     We offer Type 1 and Type 2 Traffic Barricades featuring Plasticade's Econocade, Fibercade, Combocade and the Plasticade. These traffic control barricades are made of all plastic, are maintenance free and never rust! We also carry Type 3 Plasticade Barricades featuring the Break Away, Telespar and the Telespar with Angle Iron Feet. A type 1 barricade is a traffic control device that has one horizontal bar at the top that can be fitted with reflective sheeting or a legend, a type 2 barricade has two bars for sheeting or legends and a type 3 barricade has 3 bars that have sheeting and range in size from 3 ft up to 12 ft. in length. Type 1 & 2 barricades may be used alone or in groups to mark a specific condition, to control pedestrian traffic or they may be used in a series for channelizing vehicle traffic. Type 2 or Type 3 barricades should be used on freeways and expressways or other high-speed roadways. Type 3 Barricades should be used to close or partially close a road.

     SC Supply Company Roll-up Traffic Signs offer full-size signage in a lightweight and easy to store design. Roll-up signs are used for temporary traffic and pedestrian control. All roll-up signs are made of mesh or vinyl and come with fiberglass ribs, also known as cross bracing, and feature a protective veil to prevent blooming and painful splintering. Our roll-up signs also come with corner pockets made of tough polycarbonate for durability. Each sign is equipped with a hook and loop Velcro strap for storage. Overlays for changeable message signs are also available and are made from the same material as the sign and come with Velcro strips on the back which attach to the sign. We offer the most popular sizes and legends all in a large variety of reflectivity including Super Bright, Marathon and Diamond Grade. Pink Incident Management roll-up signs are available for emergency responders, such as Police, Fire & Rescue and Medical Personnel. We also offer a large selection of Sign Stands and accessories designed for both roll-up and rigid or Aluminum Signs with the option of adding vinyl flags to your stands for added visibility.

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